SKIN: the seduction of surface

Saturday, 19 May 2012 to Sunday, 9 September 2012

Curator: Sarah Fillmore

Place, race, religion, fragility, identity and sexuality are all probed through physical and conceptual ideas of skin. This exhibition brings together works by Canadian and international artists whose work explore notions of skin in paint, print, sculpture and performance. Opening a dialogue that goes beyond sex and figure, the artworks included in this exhibition help articulate the seduction of surface.

Artists include: Jana Sterbak, Colleen Wolstenholme, Attila Richard Lukacs, Mitch Mitchell, Duke & Battersby, Till Friewald, Shary Boyle, Evergon, Vito Acconci, Kent Monkman, Michel Campeau, Cora Cluett, Eliane Excoffier, Emily Falencki, Alexandra Flood, Eric Fischl, Rebecca Fisk, Doug Guildford, David. R Harper, Sarah Maloney, Kathleen Sellars, Marion Wagschal and Janice Wright Cheney.