Grade 5 students from Ecole acadienne de Truro visit with Alan Syliboy at his art studio. Photo by Kris Webster, AGNS
Grade 5 students from Ecole acadienne de Truro visit <em>The path We Share </em>exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Photo by Kris Webster, AGNS

La culture qu-on partage/The Culture We Share

Friday, 10 June 2016 to Saturday, 31 December 2016

June 10 - December 31, 2016

Guided by artist Sylvie Boisvert, the students created paintings in response to The Path We Share, an Art Gallery of Nova Scotia exhibition of artwork produced by Charles Doucette, Fran Francis, Courtney Leonard, and Alan Syliboy during two creative residencies in Nova Scotia. The basis of this collaborative exchange was centered on reconciling the parallel journeys of the Mi'kmaq People and the whales of the North Atlantic.

For the paintings in this exhibition, the students considered the cultural and historic paths shared by the Mi'kmaq and the Acadian people in the Truro region. They brainstormed and examined historic photos to determine what was common and what was different between these two peoples and based their paintings are based on categories such as transportation, housing, clothing, entertainment, tools and jobs.

The students enjoyed the artistic part of the GenieArts/ArtsSmarts project. They learned many painting techniques and I observed that they worked with precision and interest. Their paintings are beautiful and they are very proud of their artwork. - Teacher Colette Samson


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