Gold Specimen from Nova Scotia containing 17.7 troy ounces
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Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure

Wednesday, 17 December 2014 to Sunday, 16 February 2020

This virtual exhibition that tells the 150-year story of Nova Scotia’s relationship with gold opens today at a computer near you. Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure is a website reflecting the exhibition of the same name held at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Museum of Industry, and other locations across the province.

The virtual exhibition follows four threads: Gold Mining, Gold in Nature, Gold in Society, and Gold in Art.

Co-curated by Shannon Parker, Curator of Collections at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and Debra McNabb, Director at the Museum of Industry, and supported by the Virtual Museum of Canada, the virtual exhibition was created because of the vast amount of information gathered during the creation of the original “Gold: A Nova Scotia Treasure” exhibit. The bilingual website explores in detail the story of Nova Scotia gold, from its geology to its economic and cultural impacts on the province.

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