Cathy Busby: Atrium

Monday, 22 November 2010 to Sunday, 27 February 2011

Former Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Artist-in-Residence Cathy Busby has brought together all the references to First Nations from throughout the Gallery and concentrated them in one place, making a series of painted silhouettes. The original artworks from which the silhouettes are derived were made by First Nations artists and include subject matter or have a title that refers to First Nations culture or language.

The original artworks are all on display at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The silhouettes are the same colours as the walls in the galleries where the actual artworks are on display. Visitors are invited to take new paths around the Gallery to decode the silhouettes. Atrium is activated by taking the walk.

Atrium is Busby's first exhibition since receiving the Nova Scotia Established Artist Recognition Award in October 2010. The Award, presented annually to five mid-career artists, recognizes artistic achievements and contributions to the arts community and all of Nova Scotia.