All That Glows images

All That Glows

Friday, 25 April 2014 to Sunday, 22 June 2014

Curator: Mireille Bourgeois

The artists in All That Glows are brought together by their exploration of the human condition through the artistic genre of animation. Lucie Chan, Barry Doupé and Libby Hague employ painting, automatic drawing, and installation design, speaking to the tactility of their materials, which guides in part the creative process of their digital pieces.

Spilling into the gallery space, and with a penchant for physical interaction, Hague’s 3-dimensional paper and print installations incorporate abstracted puppets that examine our interdependency and ability to increase the joy and sadness in the world.

Chan’s suspended paper installations examine complicated and intimate relationships using watercolour paintings that are also transposed into delicate animations and hold emotional depth with meditative presence.

Barry DoupĂ©’s digitally drawn animations are saturated with colour and with characters that often seem blocked from motion and emotion. Inspired by a dream state and the subconscious, the artist asks his audience to follow a narrative at a quiet pace.

Even though their artwork can appear light in aesthetic because of the familiar visuals of animation, they offer artwork more related to the everyday than to the fantastical. The artists investigate the underlying sorrow, and vulnerability of daily life by creating characters and telling stories that reveal the fragile psyche.

The exhibition is co-presented by the Centre for Art Tapes and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.