Image: Ananse Ntontan, which represents creativity, wisdom and the "complexities of life"

Family Sunday: Here We Are Here: Together

Date Time: 
Sunday, 16 June 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Family Sundays

Facilitated by LaMeia Reddick, the focus for this workshop will be families and chosen families coming together. We will explore the designs of different cultural symbols that represent this theme. LaMeia will share her stories and lessons of the Adinkra symbols that originate in West Africa. Families and friends will then share their own stories and have an opportunity to create their symbols of togetherness using a variety of printmaking techniques.

This Family Sunday is inspired by the exhibition Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art.

About the artist:

LaMeia Reddick is a multi-disciplinary leader and creative who has developed a number of skills and tools to support her mission of building and sustaining a collaborate culture that nurtures creativity and human connection. Her work is dedicated to serving and empowering future generations. LaMeia often describes herself as a daughter and sister whose roots run deep in the Preston Township on Turtle Island. She was born into the community of North Preston with immense love and her goal and vision is to share her stories about the people and places where she discovered love.