Creative Minds with Professsional Dancer Amber d'Entremont

Date Time: 
Sunday, 27 January 2019 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Creative Minds

Amber d'Entremont started her professional journey in 2010 when she studied contemporary, ballet and modern dance at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. After teaching and performing throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ms. d'Entremont returned home to open a creative space where she had room to move, paint, sculpt, take photographs and more.

She states: "I'm a dancer, prefer the term movement artist. I believe that walking, running and the simple movements of your morning ritual to be a dance. I love choreographing because it often involves research on a subject that I may know nothing about. Sometimes spending hours with google leads to a great piece and other times I don't create anything and end up knowing random facts about a subject, the last one was seagulls... that went nowhere. But that's not entirely true either because even though I didn't create a piece about that subject I did use bird movements to inspire my own.

To be a good mover one just must be mature, have self discipline and listen. Listen to the sounds in a room, listen to your body and move accordingly, and listen to your teacher’s directions. To be a good choreographer, well I'm still sorting that out but so far, it is having a clear image and/or message you want to deliver. And in my opinion a great choreographer can do so without spoon feeding while also making sure the audience isn't confused, because nobody wants to sit there and feel foolish for not getting it."


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