Board of Governors

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is governed by a 20-person Board of Governors appointed by the Governor in Council. Members are drawn from across the province and represent the business, volunteer and artistic communities.

Board of Governors 2019

  • Erik Sande, Chair
  • Austin Janega
  • David Gorman
  • Francene Cosman
  • Grant Machum
  • Malcolm Fraser
  • Patricia Pace
  • Rod McCulloch
  • Sadira Jan
  • Shauntay Grant 
  • Nancy Noble, Director/CEO, ex-officio

Honorary Governors

The Honorary Governors are a group of senior volunteers who, through their leadership and support, have made extensive contributions to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This lifetime appointment recognizes advocates and ambassadors for the Gallery’s mission and programs.

  • Tom Forrestall
  • Fred Fountain
  • Robert Geraghty
  • John Keith
  • Don MacVicar
  • Mary Maddox
  • John Oliver
  • Donald Oliver
  • Christopher Ondaatje
  • Merv Russell
  • Elizabeth Ryan
  • Robert G. C. Sobey
  • Donald Sobey
  • Farhad Vladi