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Terence Koh

Born in Beijing China, Terence Koh grew up in Canada and calls Mississauga Ontario home. Koh, employs a wide variety of materials in his works-simultaneously: a crystal chandelier, lollipops, vegetables, hair every conceivable origin, perfectly and deliberately destroyed glass, gold, extremely valuable china, the plastic of consumer items and kitsch, a hawser found after midnight, urine, blood, toys and much more.

Terence Koh’s work (sculptures, installations, performances, and artist books) address the beauty and sublime transcendence of emptiness, the intertwining of all realms of life and death, and the constellations or dark matter that create the isolate worlds in which we live.
Koh now works in New York, Berlin, Beijing and occasionally in Mississauga ON, where he was raised, creates with his installations, objects, murals, but also with his performances, suggests spaces in which recollection and fantasy are mixed with art history and sub-cultural extreme cultures (predominantly of the sexual, polymorph perverted type), in which contemporary trivial culture is united with fetish culture and a use of rituals and practices that is historically and geographically taken from all cult cultures to create a cosmos that is both disrespectful and imbued with new mythology.

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Terence Koh Path to Heaven
Terence Koh, My Path to Heaven Are You a Bastard Blind GOD, 2007. Mixed media. Installation Dimensions Variable – Each sculpture is 186 x 205 cm, diameter 40cm.

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