Sobey Art Foundation Announces Regional Short Lists for 2004 Sobey Art Award

The Sobey Art Foundation this weekend announced the names of the artists selected for the regional shortlists for the 2004 Sobey Art Award. These twenty-five talented young artists are in the running for the $50,000.00 prize that is Canada's preeminent award for a young artist.

The winner will be decided by a panel of curatorial advisors, one from a major gallery in each of five regions: the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and the North, the West Coast and announced at the 2004 Sobey Art Award ceremony to be held in October, 2004. Each advisor is charged with creating a shortlist of five artists from their respective regions. The artists are:

West Coast and Yukon:
John Boehme, Alex Morrison, Marianne Nicolson, Lucy Pullen, Althea Thauberger.

Prairies and North:
Paul Butler, Dean Drever, Marcel Dzama, Shelley Ouellet, Taras Polataiko.

Nicolas Baier, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Marc Séguin, Michel De Broin, Massimo Guerrera

Germaine Koh, Kelly Mark, Shaan Syed, Jubal Brown, Nestor Kruger

Atlantic Canada:
Chris Lloyd, Cal Lane, Greg Forrest, Will Gill, Alexandra Flood

The announcement was made during the Toronto International Art Fair at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art where an exhibition of the 2002 Sobey Art Award is currently on display.



The panel of curatorial advisors includes for the West Coast: Lisa Baldissera, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; The Prairies and the North: Catherine Crowston, Edmonton Art Gallery; Ontario: David Liss, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art; Quebec: Stéphane Aquin, Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal; and the Atlantic: Ray Cronin, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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