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Creative Minds

Creative Minds Series

A creative mind is an asset in many occupations. Through our Creative Minds presentations, we will hear from people in our community who have interesting artistic passions and/or careers in fields such as landscape architecture, courtroom sketching, and television, to name just a few past examples.

Maud Friday Sept. 19, from 6-8p.m (Creative minds)
Expert on Maud Lewis paintings to give talk at AGNS
Alan Deacon will be giving a special talk titled “Appreciating the art of Maud Lewis” at the AGNS on Friday September 19 at 6 p.m. as part of the new Creative Minds series.
In 1968 Deacon moved from the UK to teach in the Annapolis Valley. He first saw the folk artist’s work in a major's house on the Greenwood Forces Base.
“I couldn't believe how good the painting was. I was hooked. In the early 1970's there seemed few collectors. At one time I thought am I the only collector out there.” 
He quickly discovered that due to the fakes and silk screens of Maud's work he was forced to look closely at her painting. He adds, “It's rather like being a detective!
Authentic Maud's always have certain nuances in the work. I think that's how I became an authority on Maud's work.”
Deacon not only has the largest private Maud Lewis collection which spans three decades, he also authenticates her paintings for all the major Canadian art auction
houses. In 2011 and 2013 Deacon gave a talk at the Mayberry Gallery in Toronto for their two successful Maud Lewis exhibitions. 


No registration necessary. Admission by donation