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Creative Minds

Creative Minds Series

A creative mind is an asset in many occupations. Through our Creative Minds presentations, we will hear from people in our community who have interesting artistic passions and/or careers in fields such as landscape architecture, courtroom sketching, and television, to name just a few past examples.

Creative Minds Series is a community service project organized by the Friends of the AGNS, Western Branch, with the generous support of the Coastal Financial Credit Union.

April 12,2015 2pm
Change Will Come : Presentation by Rachelle Pyne
Artist Talk
Join Rachelle Pyne at 2 p.m. on April 12 at the AGNS Western Branch as explores the role of visual and performing artists in shaping our perspective. A select group of contemporary world class and sometimes controversial musicians and visual artists will be featured and serve as an invitation for the audience to share anecdotes from their journey with the arts as an inspirational influence. 

Rachelle Pyne is a musician and performing artist who has dedicated her career to creating workshops and performances to promote integrating the arts into the daily lives of children and adults. After years of performing in and around New York City, Rachelle earned a doctoral degree in music and music education from Columbia University. She lives by the sea in Yarmouth County, and continues to write music, develop workshops highlighting how to journal through music, works with the AGNS as a musical educator, and when the opportunity arises, continues to speak nationally and internationally.