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Creative Minds

Creative Minds Series

A creative mind is an asset in many occupations. Through our Creative Minds presentations, we will hear from people in our community who have interesting artistic passions and/or careers in fields such as landscape architecture, courtroom sketching, and television, to name just a few past examples.

No registration necessary. Admission by donation

March 30 2014 2pm Darryl Whetter,

Writing about place, within both poetry and fiction, will provide the theme for Dr. Darryl Whetter’s discussion during his Creative Minds presentation at AGNS Western Branch. A versatile and widely-acclaimed author, literary critic and professor, currently teaching at l'Université Sainte-Anne, Dr. Whetter will use his two most recent books as a basis for his reflections on this topic.

In Origins, his 2012 collection of poems, and the very different 2013 novel Keeping Things Whole, the author intends to explore, respectively, the official and unofficial fossil records around Joggins, Nova Scotia and the layered smuggling history of Windsor, Ontario. In the poet’s own words: “Origins examines how a shifting landscape and changing species (including ours) are, could be and should be pressed into the lasting record of a book of poems.” By contrast, Keeping Things Whole is “a multi-generational smuggling epic that attends to Canada's contemporary marijuana export industry (what Forbes magazine calls our national crop), Prohibition rum-running, and the shifting legal and personal borders with which humans break and uphold different laws in similar places.”

Dr. Whetter has also published an earlier novel, The Push and the Pull, and the short-story collection, A Sharp Tooth in the Fur. GG Award winner Douglas Glover affirms that “Whetter is intoxicated with language. He writes like a dream in a quick, urbane, and witty style.” As befits a poet who writes about the fossil record, he also served as editor of the primary nomination document for inclusion of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


April 27: The Artist's Way Collective, Annapolis. A group of artists got together and step by step read ( and applied) the principles laid out in the book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. They discovered that their work flourished and they will talk about the process and how they've progressed. They will bring some of their work to do a "show & tell".

More information to come..