Yarmouth Exterior

Kitchen Party
From the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Permanent Folk Art Collection, these art works reflect the spirit of traditional rural life. In this exhibition are well-known Nova Scotia artists—Collins Eisenhauer, Charlie Tanner and Joe Norris—as well as Quebec folk artist Blanche Bolduc from the north shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Historically, Canadian folk artists were self-taught, used easily accessible materials and tools, and were  often inspired by experiences from everyday life. Kitchen Party celebrates our musical heritage and the good cheer of the hearth and home and the local community hall, with family and friends. Stories are exchanged around the warmth of the woodstove. Food is prepared and a cup of tea or a drink of whiskey are shared. Weathered musical cases are opened, instruments tuned, and the fiddling begins. The foot stomping and dancing go on well into the night.

Image: Blanche Bolduc, Dieu Me Voit, (God Sees Me), 1968, Oil on Masonite, 23.5 x 51.0 cm. Purchase 1978, 1978.49