Financial Donations
Our budgets would not balance without the generous financial donations from our patrons. Donations to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia are fully tax-deductible and can be made by cash, cheque, or credit card.

Other options:

Leave your legacy by remembering the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in your will.

Put money aside in an investment vehicle of your choice. Or give it to us to invest with our existing endowments. The capital is preserved and the income used for designated Gallery purposes as specified by you.

Life Insurance
Make the Gallery a named beneficiary in your life insurance policy.

Charitable Gift Annuities
This is a donation of a capital sum to a charitable organization in return for regular payments at a specified rate for life. This transaction is set up so a minimum of 50% of the principle amount of the annuity is available to the charity (e.g., the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia) following the death of the annuitant(s).

Charitable Remainder Trusts
These are irrevocable, separately administered trusts established by an individual. Trust payments are provided to the individual and/or other named beneficiary for life or a term of years, whereupon the remaining assets would be distributed to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Donation Form [pdf]

Property Donations

Donating Art Works
Acquiring and displaying works of art is what the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is all about. Beyond the works we purchase every year, we receive many more by donation – up to 1000 pieces a year.

The Gallery enjoys “Category A” designation with the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board (CCPERB). This means your donation of art not only qualifies for a tax receipt (for the fair market value of the donated work) but, if it meets the CCPERB criteria, it is free of the annual income and carry-forward limits that apply to regular donations. Better yet, any capital gain on the transfer of title is not taxable while any capital loss is tax-deductible.

For information: Donating art to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Donating Securities
Holdings of shares or other securities can also be donated. While there are tax advantages to be gained, capital gains taxes on disposal are a consideration, although there are ways to minimize this as well.

Donating Air Miles
Do you have air plan points that you don’t expect to use? Give them to us. There are tax benefits to this since these points have a cash value. However, leaving the points unused has no value.

Donation Item Request Form

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For further information please contact:

Director of Development
Leslie Tinkham

Development Coordinator
Krista Wadman