Zehava Power and Dijon Curley

Zehva Dijon

March 2012
“Halifax, Night & Day”

Dijon Curley and Zehava Power are friends and colleagues. Collaborating in a two person show, they celebrate the versatility of the medium they share: acrylic paint. The show's title, Halifax, Night & Day, not only describes the subject matter but the diverse approach the two artists use.

About the Artists

Zehava Power
Zehava is a self-taught artist and her painting skills have developed over the years. Influence for her work comes from the French Impressionists, the Group of Seven and contemporary artists. She is interested in scenes that bring out the beauty and aesthetics of the otherwise mundane. Zehava was exposed to many different cultures, climates and light conditions due to her moves and travels through the world. Her fascination with this range of subjects led her to a versatile painting style that is best described as representational and loose. Zehava enjoys bright, bold color, contrast, and free painting technique.

Dijon Curley
Growing up in the south shore of Nova Scotia in Chester, Dijon has been surrounded by the natural beauty of the region and by art his entire life. He draws inspiration from the local landscape. Trees, sky and open fields punctuated by his use of light, are transformed into dramatic vistas. Executed by a heartfelt response to his environment, his deep appreciation for the landscape is obvious to the viewer, whether it is a field of golden wheat or a coastal scene of deep blue.

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Pictured: Dijon Curley, “Bridge Lights”, Acrylic on canvas & Zehava Power, “Argyle Street”, Acrylic on canvas

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