Langley, William
William Langley

January 2011
"Home I'll Be"

"Home I'll Be" explores the undeniable connection to home and the desire to seek out and know one's roots. This body of work is inspired by the artists visits to his Scottish homeland where he spent time traveling the landscape and connecting with family. 

Langley notes:

“This show represents two of my passions of my life. The first, being able to draw at an early age and then later working with oils to capture events and places. My second passion is the love of my birthplace and family. I visited Scotland in 1969 which was the first of ten visits since the immigration of my war bride mom and me in 1946. I returned in the summer of 2009, which was my longest trip, to visit family in the Northeast and tour the country. I have always had this heart wrenching urge to return again to learn more of the history and see more of the beauty of this land. The end result is the showing “Home I'll Be", with scenes of the Northeast, West Highland and Orkneys”.

About William Langley
Son of a Cape Breton Highlander and Scottish Signal Corp Operator, William Langley was born in Strichen, Aberdeen shire, Scotland. He immigrated to Canada via the Queen Mary in September 1946.

From an early age, William's favourite pastime was drawing. In his mid-late teens he was given a set of oil paints, which started the love of this medium. Since graduation from NSCAD, he has kept up with sketching and working with oil paints, increasingly so after his retirement.  In his first year after retirement he started with a series of South Shore scenes, Historic Halifax and scenic Cape Breton followed.  In 2009, he spent the summer in Scotland visiting with family and touring the Highlands, Islands and Northeast.  As a result, he produced the series titled, "Home I'll Be".

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Pictured: William Langley, "Sheep in Glencoe", oil on canvas

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