Sea Debris Alway
Thomas Alway

August 2012
"Sea Debris"

"Sea Debris" is a series of acrylic paintings capturing the sea’s unexpected treasures through a window motif.

Artist's Statement

Tom Alway returns to the Art Sales and Rental Gallery for a second solo show with a new take on iconic maritime images.

Building on his successful exhibition in 2009 (Panes & Sills), Tom uses the derelict window as a motif in some of the paintings to frame the unexpected treasures discarded by the sea. The weathered and worn windows with flaking paint define the passage of time, providing a history, a character, and an altered form to the objects in view.

In some of the paintings, the window glass not only provides a view of the world beyond the frame, but also a reflection of what is in front of canvas and behind the viewer, conveying a past, a passage of time and a future. Derelict realism is subtly transformed with a touch of surrealism into a new beauty.

In another group of Tom’s paintings, the same subject is viewed from different perspectives and in different seasons. Tom enjoys sculpting the objects in his paintings, creating the effects of light and shadow, peeling away the layers of form and transforming the object into an altered state. One sees the paint peeling, the wood decaying, life altering.

About Tom Alway

Tom attended the University of New Hampshire before coming to Canada to attend graduate school at York University in Toronto. He has had a long career in the theatre and film industries in both Ontario and Nova Scotia. In 1997, he co-founded the Maritime Painted Saltbox Gallery, now located in Petite Riviere, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Tom’s work can be seen all year round at his gallery.

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Pictured: Tom Alway, "Sea Debris: Uprooted", Acrylic on canvas

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