Matthew Collins


June 2012
"Raw Materials"

Raw Materials is a series of expressive acrylic paintings inspired by Nova Scotia's South Shore beaches.

Artist’s Statement

When painting landscapes, I prefer to start the painting on site. I use the subject as a reference but an exact replica is not my intent. Most of my paintings are loose, messy, exaggerated impressions. Although I use my surroundings as a source of inspiration, I feel the painting should stand on its own. I hope the viewer is able to spend time looking at the work, studying the use of paint application and the layering of different textures.

For this show I returned to three popular beaches on the South Shore. I have painted these beaches numerous times before and I never grow bored of the raw, natural, ever changing beauty.

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Pictured: Matthew Collins, "Three Rocks / Carters", Acrylic on Canvas

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