Brennan, Mark
Mark Brennan

“THE WILD PLACES: A journey into nature”
consists of a collection of almost seventy new works produced over a two year period of extensive travel into the wild places of Canada.

Mark’s work is derived from a philosophy that to truly represent something in an art form one must become totally immersed in their subject. Mark travels extensively into his motif, the Canadian Landscape. From this ‘total immersion' comes an emotional response, expressed through his work.

“I see the landscape as something pure, containing age old rhythms and patterns, and with each painting I seek this ebb and flow of nature that holds us all together, to form our connection to all things wild."

In this, his first solo show, Mark invites you to take a journey through the Canadian Wilderness to reflect on its beauty, its diversity, and the human connections through which we seek to find peace and solitude.

Mark Brennan
Mark Brennan is an oil painter whose work is inspired by the natural world. Mark’s subject matter focuses on the undisturbed natural areas of Canada. His recent work focuses on environmental degradation in Nova Scotia, attempting to convey a sense of hope for the environment while simultaneously moving the viewer to live harmoniously with the environment.

Mark’s work focuses on the quality of lines and colour harmonies to create impressionistic, sensitive pieces. Mark’s oil landscapes are rich in the thick, unexpected colours found in a sunset - hot oranges and reds, or a lakeside forest - soft turquoises and warm, dusty olives. The fragility of nature is aptly captured in his delicate renderings of tree lines and water grasses. His palette and his pieces maintain a refined, painterly quality. Mark’s landscapes provoke nostalgia and appreciation for the power and simplicity of nature.

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