Lynn Rotin

Rotin, Lynn

this and that

While there is no theme for the works in this small collection (other than abstraction, perhaps) there are common threads linking them: a love for the materials and the handling of them; the contrast between incisive, charcoal mark-making and broad, painted brushstrokes; textured or manipulated surfaces on some of them, and the elegance of a few in their minimalism.

Most of the paintings employ mixed media. A few are encaustic, an ancient painting technique using hot, molten wax. One of the most challenging aspects of encaustic is its immediacy. The wax hardens as soon as the brush strikes the support, leaving little time for manipulation. That said, it is also very versatile. It can be scratched and scraped, carved and incised, and even re-melted. Depending on the wax used, it can be left matte or buffed to a high shine.

Other materials used are charcoal, ink, paper, coloured pencil, pastel, acrylic and oil paint – whatever works.

Lynn lives and creates near Sambro in a crooked, little, former fisherman's house near the sea.

She has brought her show “this and that” to the Art Sales and Rental Gallery as
December’s Feature Artist of the Month.

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