ASAR Joy Laking
Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

May 2011

Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking has painted in watercolours for thirty-eight years and now takes the creative leap into oils and acrylic in her most recent series of paintings, Home.This vibrant, new collection embodies the challenge to learn something new and to push one’s creative ideas.

With fresh eyes, I viewed every glorious sunrise or high tide on my salt marsh.I savoured the light on window sills and the things that surround me. Instead of searching for beauty outside of my home, I noticed and painted the beauty that I live with everyday."

About Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking

Joy loves to paint. For over thirty years she has painted Nova Scotia and captured her view of the world on watercolour paper. She is inspired by the white clapboard houses that are sprinkled along the Bay of Fundy shore, old rocking chairs on porches, flowered curtains billowing in a cottage window and children playing on the mud flats.

Joy's studio paintings are developed from on location paintings, photos and actual objects and flowers. Sometimes an idea is thought about for a number of years before a painting is started. The actual painting may take several weeks. In all cases the reality in the painting is Joy's. She happily changes or moves objects within a painting. Often she goes in search of the right bed, quilt or flower garden to create the mood. Strong compositions and a wide range of tonal values making full use of the white of the paper, help to make all of Joy's paintings "sing".

In addition to her studio paintings and whenever possible Joy paints on location. It is an exhilarating challenge to set out, find a subject and complete an entire painting in four to seven hours. These paintings are loose, spontaneous and depict the tides, the lighting and the moment. Besides painting on location throughout the Maritimes, Joy loves the flowers, the houses and the history of England, Italy, Spain, France Greece and Peru.She is an elected member of the Society of Canadian artists and has had several national solo exhibitions and many regional exhibitions including one at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 1989.

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Pictured: Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking, "Geranium and Grapes" Acrylic

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