Jimy Sloan

Jimy Sloan ASAR

August 2011
Bright Lights in Big Cities

A series of acrylics exploring the multi-layered stories within Halifax using a unique collaged perspective.

“This body of work started out as a series of conversations which expanded into collages and then became the basis of these paintings.
I became interested in themes which related to Halifax both directly and indirectly and then began to assemble images which would tell different pieces of these stories. My hope is that each painting functions both as a series of related separate images and also as a unified whole.”

About Jimy Sloan

Jimy Sloan is a resident of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia.  He has been creating artwork for many years.  Art allows Jimmy to express personal ideas about found forms. He creates forms on canvas which he hopes create a vehicle towards a greater experience in the eyes of the viewer.
Jimy attended Millwood High School in Middle Sackville where he received the award for "Most Outstanding Student in Art". Since then he has taken some art history courses at Camosun College located in Victoria, British Columbia, and has recently enrolled at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.
Jimy uses knowledge taken from his daily experience as well ideas from his institutions to create his work.

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Pictured: Jimy Sloan "NSCAD" Acrylic

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