Annual Group Show

group show

The annual group show is always the galleries most popular event. Artists and volunteers alike bring out their best works for this month long celebration of art from our community.  Expect to see pieces of all shapes and sizes from the new and the experienced artists for sale on the gallery walls that month.

This years show includes submissions from
Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith 
Tom Alway  
Louise Baker 
Poppy Balser 
Lesly Benditsky 
F.R. Berchem 
Eileen Boyd 
Judith Brannen 
Geoff Brewster 
Ernest Cadegan 
Anabelle Caissie 
Malcolm Callaway 
Hugh Crosby 
Jim Darley 
Mauril Desbiens 
Greg Dickie 
Terry Havlis Drahos 
Holly Everett 
Curphey Forrestall 
Diane Fralich 
Suzanne Gauthier 
Christopher Gorey 
Geoffrey Grantham 
Bill Hanrahan 
Laurel Haslett 
Cynthia Henry 
Susan Hubley 
Inae Kim 
David King 
Joy S. Laking 
Denise Lanterman 
Janet Larkman 
Anne Launcelott 
Evan Maxwell 
Peter McCarnan 
Laurie Mireau 
Shelley Mitchell 
Ellen Moershel 
Gwen Paquin 
Andrea Pottyondy 
James Povah 
Zehava Power 
Carol Pye 
Mary Reardon 
William Rogers 
Lynn Rotin 
Asha Roznowski 
Doug Scott 
Lynda Shalagan 
Wally Shishkov 
Kay Stanfield 
Bruce John Wood 
Monika Wright 
Lorena Ziraldo 


The Annual Group Show runs from November 1st - 19th with works available for purchase.
Those works that have not been sold will become available for rental as of November 19th, 2012

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