David Lacey

Lacey, David

December 2009
Born in the Annapolis Valley in Kings County, David Lacey was fortunate to have a family that recognized his talent and encouraged him to draw and paint from an early age. Influenced by the French Impressionists, the American Luminists, and the Group of Seven, he has been evolving his style for over 40 years and has mastered the ability to illuminate a subject so that even the smallest object leaps from the canvas.

These new landscapes in acrylic are a melange of works painted in studio and en plein air. The subjects range from small Cape style fishing crafts at sea, to the sturdy homes that dot the countryside of the Annapolis Valley, to the gardens and towns discovered during his visits to France. 

David Lacey believes that his art should speak for itself, when asked to craft an artist's statement his reply was simple: "I paint, here they are". 

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