Christopher Gorey

December 2011
"Painting the Coast"

"Painting the Coast" is a new series that focuses on the radiant qualities of Maritime light.

Artist's Statement

Capturing the way light envelopes objects has always fascinated me. Whether it is the warm light filtering over a landscape in the late afternoon or the somber cool light of a rainy day, my subject matter will always be the light. 
This is not to say that there is no personal attachment to the subjects that I choose to paint.  I find though, my first attraction to a particular painting subject usually has to do with what the particular light is doing to the chosen subject.

My influences include the French impressionists, John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth and many of the North Shore artists of Massachusetts where I grew up.

My painting has evolved over the years and I am presently working in the media of watercolour and oil in an impressionistic, painterly manner. Over the years my palette has gone from fairly muted colour to one of vibrancy.

“Painting the Coast” hopefully exemplifies all of this.  These paintings range geographically from Eastern Newfoundland to Maine and not only depict the vast natural environment of these regions but some of the human stories as well. I hope that you will enjoy the show!

About Christopher Gorey

Born and educated in the U.S., Mr. Gorey first visited Atlantic Canada in 1969 and was so impressed by the spectacular landscape of Northern Cape Breton
that he decided to move to Ingonish in 1975. He still makes his home here with his wife Lynn. The Gorey’s have two children.

Chris’ paintings, which reflect a feeling of light and texture, not only depict the people and rugged beauty of Cape Breton but other areas of Eastern Canada as well.

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Pictured: Christopher Gorey, "West Coast Conception Bay," Oil on Canvas

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