Bob Hainstock

Hainstock, Bob

September 2010
“Seasons of Landscape”

“Seasons of Landscape” explores the increasing contrasts between shrinking rural cultures and swelling urban centres, and between natural and human-made environments.

Hainstock works from his studio perched along the southern lip of the North Mountain, the 100-mile ridge of Jurassic basalt that separates the powerful Bay of Fundy from the beautiful and historical Annapolis Valley. The location of Hainstock’s studio has had a significant influence on the artist and his work as more than 640 feet below his place of observation rural life slowly moves through its seasons and social or economic patterns.
Hainstock notes:

"My current landscape work reflects two strong influences – the slight aerial perspective of my studio location that looks down onto the Annapolis Valley and the unique times of the day or season, which often alter or hide the human presence or marks on the rural landscape.

My studio’s 640-foot elevation provides a unique perspective of patterns and textures that are not accessible from a normal viewpoint. This perspective emphasizes the irregular, dark shapes of the remaining bush land that separates the domesticated landscapes from the natural spaces of the Valley. During certain times of the day or season colours and textures appear that compel one to overlook the visual marks of human engineering in farmlands, transportation, communication, or population centres. However, reflections and shadows sometimes remind us of a manufactured presence, in particular the predominance of 90-degree corners in landscape, that unique signature of exclusive human ability.

The 'New Landscapes' series and the 'Time & Place' series began more than eight years ago. Both have followed a parallel pattern of change and exploration as each developed its own unique character. The 'New Landscapes' series now numbers more than 500 individual mixed media pieces while the 'Time & Place' series includes close to 200 individual paintings, almost all oil on canvas.”

About Bob Hainstock

Bob Hainstock has worked in Atlantic Canada and Western Canada as an artist and journalist for four decades. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, he is a full-time print maker and painter and a part-time art instructor in schools, university, and through private workshops. He is represented by galleries in most Canadian provinces.

Hainstock’s studio practices include a full range of painting and printmaking techniques, as well as mixed media and sculpture from natural materials. Hainstock's rust prints have become his unique signature within the printmaking world and provide an unusual, strong character to his various mixed media series. Hainstock is also an award-winning author and illustrator of a best-selling book on rural architectural heritage and an award-winning journalist for news stories, feature articles, and photography of rural life.

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Pictured: (detail) "Time & Place #159", Bob Hainstock, oil on canvas

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