Lady Bug
Andrea Redmond

July 2012
"Fun In the Sun"

Fun in the Sun is a playful collage series showcasing local settings.

Artist’s Statement

Stepping away from the traditional way I’ve painted in the past, I’m presently taking a journey in collage. I want the viewer to see in a fragmented and pieced together way. Life is a collection of moments pieced together by the interpreter.

I spend days preparing collage papers and planning compositions. Some of my creations are found to be to be quirky & fun and others, to be moody & thoughtful. Sometimes I hide messages in my work letting the viewer come to their own conclusions, though I’ll often plant a seed. Using original composition, these works are built of hand-painted paper, labour and love.

In creating the Fun In the Sun series, I chose bright colours to make the pieces cheerful and vibrant. They are also very playful and even a little cheeky. I want the viewer to smile - that’s it. Just smile. It’s summertime! Enjoy your sense of play and share it!

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Pictured: Andrea Redmond, "Lady Bug Picnic", Collage

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