Anne Launcelott

launcelott - Mingun Pagoda



Flying over Burma, I was struck by the golden domes of the myriad pagodas glistening in the sun as far as the eye could see. No wonder this is called “The Golden Land”. The richness of all this gold, however, is in sharp contrast to the poverty of the Burmese people, yet their friendliness and kindness were felt wherever I traveled throughout the country.

The Burmese culture and themes of every day life inspired me, but as a fine art photographer, it was the textures and bright, intense colours all around me that provided a rich canvas for my artistic eye.

 This exhibit is all about the textures and colours that formed such a rich backdrop for the story I want my photographs to tell.

Works on display for purchase June  1st – 30th.

Works available for viewing here.

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