Penny Ridley

Landscape of Memories

    Memories are fleeting images of previous experiences. They are layered. Their scope can appear real and clear, some can appear distorted and convoluted and others can appear vague and transient. Landscape of Memories is a series of works that capture, not the memory itself but the overlap of these dimensions with mood, space and imagery. The compositional structure is familiar in that it reflects the tiers of landscape. Like landscape the vision dulls and recedes, clouded by time and space. Like landscape the value diminishes as it ages and like landscape the subject matter erodes leaving only a vestige of itself on the land or in the mind. The vagaries of nature and of the mind are not incongruous mates. These tangible elements evoke awesome responses from the mental process and it is this reflection that is the content of Landscape of Memories.

     These works are not about the journey of life they are about the endurance of the human spirit on this land and with this land.

Penny Maloney Ridley


     Today’s artists exhibit a plurality of means in order to express their vision or statement on a number of themes. My vision is to produce a unique and original body of work that boldly utilizes design to organize the content of the images through the presence of metaphor, classical drawing, ready mades and 2D/3D material. This vision is the foundation upon which the idea is brought to life in hopes that the pieces provide a forum which engages and educates the viewer.
     My work is usually developed thematically. The themes often explore personal growth, both physical and emotional, ecological and social issues or simply the inquiry and experimentation of the relationships of the elements of design. Content and subject matter are compared and contrasted with the form or the structure or the style of the work. This juxtaposition produces a multilayered and imaginative interpretation that can differ with each perspective. The hope, with whatever narrative, is that the viewer perceives a calm, serene and natural image.
     It is important that the visual stimulus re-awakens the in-born ability of the observer to understand life through the eyes. The result being that the work is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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