2011 Annual Group Show

November 2011

The Annual Group Show is a salon-style juried exhibition with over two hundred artists invited to participate from across Atlantic Canada.  This is a rare opportunity to view the talent of a diverse group of emerging and established artists in one venue.

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Featured artists:

Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith                Marianne Fraser                James Povah
Tom Alway                                     Suzanne Gauthier              Zehava Power
Mary Ann Archibald                      Christopher Gorey              Carol Pye
Bonnie Baker                                Bill Hanrahan                      Mary Reardon
Louise Baker                                Laurel Haslett                      Andrea Redmond
Taiya Barss                                  Ron Hazell                          William Rogers
Ursula Bohlmann                          Marilyn Kellough                 Asha Roznowski
Ernest Cadegan                           Golumba M.J. Kim              Jimy Sloan
Fred Caillie                                  Uschi Kung                         Carmel R. Smith
Annabelle Caissie                       Denise Lanterman              Kay Stanfield
Sarah Jane Conklin                     Anne Launcelott                 Jacqueline Steudler
Mauril Desbiens                          Evan Maxwell                     Gail Sutherland
Terry Drahos                               Shelley Mitchell                  Colleen Underwood
Curphey Michael Forrestall        Carolyn Poel                       Azor Vienneau
Diane Fralich                              Andrea Pottyondy                Lorena Ziraldo

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