Teen Art Classes

TEEN ART CLASSES for ages 12 and older       

These week-long afternoon classes are both fun and challenging for teens!  Classes are from 1 pm - 4 pm.


July 14– 18

SEASIDE SCAVENGED SCULPTURES with artist Julia Fillmore Doughty

School's out! Put down the remote and come on an exciting adventure! Join 'found object' sculptor, Julia Fillmore Doughty as she guides the class on a hands-on exploration of the waterfront. Following the seaside scavenge, students will sculpt and wire their treasures together! What are you waiting for? The ocean is calling!

July 21– 25

MAKING MANY MULTIPLES with artist Bess Forrestall

Often when we imagine a work of art we think of one-off masterpieces. However, artists often worked in multiples and over the course of this week we will talk about how multiples are used in historical and contemporary art practices. Students will try their hands at basic relief printing, stamp making, artist trading cards and zine publication. 

July 28 – August 1

THE ART OF ACCESSORIZING with artist Rita Van Tassel

Become a designer and be lead through a series of design challenges to create your own original wearable art accessories including necklaces, earrings, hair pieces and more. Students will learn processes that can easily be made at home using materials such as fabric, leather, wire, paint, and paper.

August 11 – 15

ROCKIN’ the IMAGINE with artist Lisa Lipton

This interdisciplinary class will focus on performance and installation art. Using a variety of media, this class will encourage students to delve into the possibilities of creating an imagined place or character through construction, sound, or action.                                                       

ALTERED BOOKS with artist Odessa Spore

Using pre-existing books, students will completely transform them into personal art works.  A range of techniques such as painting, drawing, collage and printmaking will be explored as students will bring about spontaneous poetry and serendipitous happenings!


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