P-6 Tour Options

Abstraction in Action

Grades: 4 – 6

Explore abstract and non-representational art by viewing contemporary work from the Permanent Collection and special exhibitions. Students will explore how artists gather ideas and inspiration as well as the many unique approaches to art making.


A Pigment of Your Imagination

Grades: Primary - 6

Learn more about colour theory and the varied use of colour by artists. Students will discover more about colour associations and their own personal responses to colour. Historical, contemporary, realistic, and abstract works will be viewed.


Art and the Land

Grades: 3 – 6

Landscape art derives its inspiration from nature. Discover more about how artists have interpreted their experience of the land and sea through art. Students will view both traditional and contemporary landscapes.


Eye Spy: Exploring the Art Gallery

Grades: Primary – 3

This tour is a wonderful introduction to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This is a playful program that includes games and drama to engage young students in their exploration of the many different artworks in the Gallery. Designed to familiarize students with the Gallery, students are encouraged to ask lots of questions and share their ideas.


Figuratively Speaking

Grades: Primary - 6

Explore portraits and figurative paintings in the Gallery. Learn more about how artists can use body language and composition to help the viewer discover more about a person or a group of people in an artwork.


Mostly Maud, Folk Art Focused

Grades: Primary – 6

Visit folk artist Maud Lewis' small Painted House and view her colourful paintings. Students will also view works from the Permanent Collection and consider how other artists interpreted their experiences visually.


Walk the Line

Grades: Primary – 6

The artist Paul Klee once described a line as taking a dot for a walk. Lines come in unlimited sizes with many different expressive qualities. Students will discuss how the line as an element of design is used in a variety of art forms.


Our Shared Heritage

Grades: 3 - 6

This program explores Nova Scotia's cultural heritage through the visual arts. Explore historical paintings, contemporary art and art work by artists of Aboriginal descent, as well as folk art influenced by the region. 

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