Our Shared Heritage

Grades: 3 - 6

This program explores Nova Scotia's cultural heritage through the visual arts. Explore historical paintings, contemporary art and art work by artists of Aboriginal descent, as well as folk art influenced by the region. 


Tour Outline

This program has been developed to introduce students to the art of Nova Scotia and other parts of the Maritimes; its sources, its imagery and what it reflects about the province and its people. They will have an increased awareness of artists of this region, both past and present and how those artists are affected by the social, political, geographical and economic climate of their time and place.

Students will gain insight into the unique genre of Nova Scotia folk art, historical works representing the Atlantic Canada region and artworks by artists of Aboriginal descent.

By the end of the tour the students will have an understanding of how artists play an important role in informing us about the past and present. The AGNS collects, holds, preserves and exhibits a specific cultural heritage that is waiting to be explored and understood.


Link to Specific Curriculum Outcomes

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Optional in-gallery activity (free of charge)

Sketching in the Gallery – The World Around Me

Inspired by discussions about works in the collection, students will sketch from imagination and observation the world around them to connect ideas addressed on the tour.\



Lesson Plan

Artists Bio



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