Mostly Maud, Folk Art Focused

Grades: Primary – 6

Visit folk artist Maud Lewis' small Painted House and view her colourful paintings. Students will also view works from the Permanent Collection and consider how other artists interpreted their experiences visually.


Tour Outline

The Mostly Maud tour is very popular with school groups. Many students and educators have heard about the Maud Lewis house, and some may in fact have older relatives that have met Maud when she was selling her art works from her home in Digby County, Nova Scotia. This tour provides an opportunity to share the story of Maud Lewis and highlight how her art brought her great satisfaction and joy despite poverty and ill health in her life.

Students will explore concepts of traditional folk art, which typically meant that the “artist” had no formal training in the visual arts. Also, students will compare and contrast the practice of other folk artists with the works of professional artists in our collection.


Link to Specific Curriculum Outcomes

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Optional in-gallery activity (free of charge)

Sketching in the Gallery – Draw Like Maud!

Maud Lewis painted images on her home inspired by the plants, animals and activities around her. Students will explore popular images in folk art in this in-gallery activity.




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