Art and the Land

Grades: 3 – 6

Landscape art derives its inspiration from nature. Discover more about how artists have interpreted their experience of the land and sea through art. Students will view both traditional and contemporary landscapes.


Tour Outline

This tour invites students to investigate connections between art and the environment. Students are encouraged to seek out these relationships and have ideas of their own. The rapid speed of change in our world provokes questions about the well-being of our earth. Artists highlight the interaction between people and the environment and allow us to reflect upon our treatment of the world around us.

Everyone is uniquely linked to our environment. The climate, plant and animal life, resources, architecture and landscape impact us all in different ways. The environment can affect our mood and emotions.

This tour will explore historical representations of the Atlantic region and the reasons and techniques artists represented it as they did. A contemporary look at how artists use media and techniques to manipulate, represent or distort a viewer’s understanding of their surroundings will also be explored. In addition, students will participate in discussions about how artists use materials from the land to create art works and implications the use of materials has on the meaning of the art work.


Link to Specific Curriculum Outcomes

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Optional in-gallery activity (free of charge)

Sketching in the Gallery – In Perspective

Students will apply the basic principles of conveying distance and space as they learn about perspective. Students will use works from the collection as their inspiration.




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