Abstraction in Action

Grades: 4 – 6

Explore abstract and non-representational art by viewing contemporary work from the Permanent Collection and special exhibitions. Students will explore how artists gather ideas and inspiration as well as the many unique approaches to art making.


Tour Outline

Jump into the dynamic world of abstract art! Through a questioning strategy, this tour will help students gain the skills to explore the rich and various interpretations of abstract art. 

Abstract art often implies a usually simplified or distorted rendering of complex objects, feelings or concepts in order for artists to express their ideas in their chosen medium. An appreciation of the basic art elements and principles of design will enable the students to reach a better personal understanding of what the artist is ‘talking about’ in an abstract artwork.

This tour aims to stimulate creative and imaginative ways of looking at the world around us, including works of art. One of these ways is to approach as experiments; trying out new ways of seeing, new ways of representing ideas, meaning, moods and techniques.

Students will see how the artist uses and is inspired by ordinary objects – recycling, reproducing and changing materials to create new meaning. They will also discover how our urban environment, other forms of media, other styles of artwork and our modern technology may have influenced many of these artists. Often they will be amazed and amused at the innovative spirit demonstrated in some of the contemporary works.


Link to Specific Curriculum Outcomes

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Optional in-gallery activity (free of charge)

Sketching in the Gallery – 1,2,3 – Abstract!

This in-gallery activity introduces students to stages of abstraction from realism to the obscure.





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