A Pigment of Your Imagination

Grades: Primary - 6

Learn more about colour theory and the varied use of colour by artists. Students will discover more about colour associations and their own personal responses to colour. Historical, contemporary, realistic, and abstract works will be viewed. 


Tour Outline 

Colour galore – this tour explores the richness and intensity of colour in art!  A lively description of a world without colour will set imaginations in motion and will create a feeling of excitement about learning more about the importance of colour in our lives.

Highlights of this tour include our relationship to colour, perceptions and feelings associated with colour and how artists use colour to evoke feelings, ideas and sensations through their art works. Students will view an array of artworks such landscapes, portraiture, abstraction and sculptures.

Depending on the grade, students will discuss basic scientific and theoretical aspects of colour, e.g. need for light to create colours, white light and refracted light in rainbows. The components of the colour wheel will also be introduced.


Link to Specific Curriculum Outcomes

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Grade 4 [PDF]           Grade 5 [PDF]            Grade 6 [PDF]


Optional in-gallery activity (free of charge)

Sketching in the Gallery – Primary Principles

This activity will help students develop their observational skills and reinforce concepts of colour theory discussed on the tour.




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