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Pirates - Adventures in Art

An animated art history adventure television show for kids.

DHX Media has produced a new animated children’s series in Halifax celebrating creativity and artistic expression called Pirates – Adventures in Art.

Young viewers follow the voyages of Captain Leo, Princess Cleo, First Mate Fresco del Gecko, and Chief Bottle Washer Skelly the Skeleton as they escape the clutches of evil Queen Conformia and her henchman, Admiral Krank. Along the way, they discover wonderful and exciting art, and learn a bit about its history. When they run into trouble trying to evade Conformia and Krank they apply the knowledge they’ve gained about art to help them fashion inventive escapes.

As well as introducing children to the world of art, each episode’s subject lends itself to fun follow-up activities for its viewers.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is proud to have provided curriculum consultation for the series and ran 44 art classes specifically related to the themes of each episode.

Pirates – Adventures in Art launched on CBC Television on December 18, 2010 along with an exciting, collaborative companion website also hosted by CBC. Catch the program on Saturday mornings.