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Annie Leibovitz: The Book Collection


Exhibition Information

An important upcoming exhibition for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is the gift of photographs by Annie Leibovitz, given to the gallery by the family of Al and Faye Mintz in spring 2013. We are excited about this gift and can’t wait to show Annie Leibovitz: the Book Collection to the world. But it’s too soon to say when we will be able to do so.
Nova Scotians and visitors from around the world ask us every day when they can see the Leibovitz exhibition. It takes a long time to put together an exhibition of 80 to 100 images from a collection of more than 2000, and we are working hard to meet the expectations of a fervent audience. We are preparing the images for framing and developing educational programs for school children and other visitors.
We know how excited the public is to see this work, and we want to be able to provide a memorable experience for all viewers. It takes time to do that, and it’s only appropriate that we take that time.
We will make an announcement when the show is ready for all to see. Meanwhile, please come in and enjoy the other works on view.