Art & the Brain


The installation Minding is a collaboration between artists Heather Wilkinson and Melissa Marr, which explores the complexity and vulnerability of connections within the brain. 

Activity in our brain begins in the open gulf between two neurons where messages from one side produce a reaction on the other. Repeated in the trillions, synaptic connections continue to construct and reinforce pathways even as we sleep. In Minding, we imagine hitting a “pause” button or being able to slow down and magnify this extraordinary place and ask the question:

How do we understand the relationship between these complex connections and our own creative process?

The installation creates a space to investigate how we bring together disparate materials and experiences and what effect one action might have on another. Minding will continually evolve in response to its audience and the passage of time, strengthening connections that resonate and hold our curiosity.

About the Artists-In-Residence

Heather Wilkinson and Melissa Marr are Halifax-based artists with a shared interest in installation art and collaborative processes. They have been working together for three years in a variety of settings, and in 2010 were founding members of wonder’neath Arts Collective. Collaboration has become a central focus for the artists, both in their own practices, and in developing approaches for working with the public.

Heather Wilkinson has a BFA from NSCAD University and a BA in Literary Studies from the University of Toronto. She is interested in transforming spaces through drawing, movement, and sculpture, and the dialogue of collaboration. Recent projects include working with the Ecology Action Centre, Phoenix Youth, and the Art Bikers.

Melissa Marr has a BFA from Mount Allison University with a focus in printmaking and drawing. Marr’s work explores the physicality of mark making, repetition and emotional engagement. She has extensive experience working with youth and adults through residencies and workshops with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Department of Education, ArtsSmarts, and in schools across the province.

Image: Colleen Wolstenholme, Untitled (detail), 200, Marker on paper, 56.3 x 76.0 cm. Loan, 2011.

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