Passing Through: Iain BAXTER& Photographs

Iain BAXTER& Photographs

February 28-May 18, 2009
Organized by the Art Gallery of Windsor
Curator: James Patten

Throughout his 40 year career, Iain BAXTER& has challenged ideas about what art is and what it does. Using everyday objects and processes, including his famous 1966 “Bagged Place”—a home in which every item was encased in a plastic bag—he creates works of art that engage audiences in contemporary social, political, and environmental issues.

Baxter& has taken photographs since the 1950s and is Canada’s first and most widely recognized conceptual artist. While many aspects of his practice are well documented, his photographs remain largely unknown. Passing Through: Photographs by Iain BAXTER& includes colour prints, Polaroids, and duratrans taken between 1959 and 1983, most of which have never been exhibited.

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