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Below is a sample of artworks featured in the exhibition Flight Dreams


               Light Trails

Robert Burley
Light Trails, Aircraft Departing on Runway 32R, O’Hare Airfield, Chicago, 1985
Chromogenic print on 8-ply museum board
76.2 x 101.6 cm
Courtesy of Stephen Bulger Gallery          


                Balsawood airplane

Art Domantay
Balsa Wood Airplane: The Land That Time Forgot, 2001
Balsa Wood sheath, rubber band, painted aluminum wheels and propeller unit
152.4 x 426.7 x 487.7 cm
Collection of the artist

Bedroom Mustang

Adrian Göllner
Bedroom Mustang, 1995
Oil on canvas and wood construction
91.5 x 198 cm
Collection of the City of Ottawa

                                               Temptation to Fly

David Hlynsky
Temptation to Fly, 1995
Giclée print on paper, 2/7
74 x 59 cm
Collection of the artist

                                            Short Glory, Avro Arrow #1

Gertrude Kearns
Short Glory, Avro Arrow #1, 1996
Acrylic on canvas
102 x 102 cm
Collection of Cindy Morley


                                              The Sower

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
The Sower, 2001
66 x 72.6 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York



David Ruben Piqtoukun
Airplane, 1995
Brazilian soapstone, African wonderstone
26.0 x 36.5 x 27.5 cm
Collection of The Winnipeg Art Gallery

                                      Night Landing Mask

Don Proch
Night Landing Mask, 1982
silverpoint, graphite, Fiberglas, leather, steel, polyester resin, fibre
optics, bone, electrical components
66.5 x 63.2 x 43.0 cm
Collection of The Winnipeg Art Gallery


                                blue skies smiling

Stephen Schofield
Blue Skies Smiling 1, 2006
Gouache on paper
27 x 42 cm
Courtesy of Joyce Yahouda Gallery



                                         Searching for the Impossible: The Flying Project

Joel Tauber
Searching for the Impossible: The Flying Project, 2003
Video, 32 minutes
Courtesy of Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects


Flight Dreams on view: November 15, 2008- March 29, 2009

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