Greetings from Maud

Maud Lewis Gallery

Some of Maud Lewis’ finest work appears in the Christmas cards that she created early in her career.  Greetings from Maud begins with a set of pen and ink cards with Maud’s personal, hand-written greetings to family and friends. The remaining watercolours, with the simple ‘Lewis’ signature on embossed card stock, were intended for commercial distribution, what today we would call a “micro-business.”
As her arthritis worsened, Maud’s style changed, and she shifted to larger-format oil paintings on pulpboard. These sustained her career until she died in 1970.
These scenes of idyllic life by one of Canada’s national treasures are a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of winter.
The AGNS is grateful to the private collectors who have loaned their works for this exhibition.
This year, the gallery is decorating a Christmas tree inspired by a painting entitled Max. That tree featured rustic, hand-made ornaments, including elongated candy canes and deep blue stars, reflecting Maud’s own design flare – whimsy with a sense of humour.

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