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Timeless Form #V

Dawn MacNutt
Timeless Form #V, 1996-1997Twined willow and seagrass
170.0 x 66.0 cm
Gift of the Artist, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in memory of Marian deWitt, 1997

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, feminism grew as a force in Nova Scotia, as it did in almost every other part of the Western World. One of its biggest influences on the arts was the breaking down of barriers between so-called “high” and “domestic” arts. The New Glasgow born artist Dawn MacNutt combines traditional crafts - in this case weaving and basket making - with sculpture in such works as Timeless Form #V.

Interlacing is a term used to describe fibre based media which involve interconnecting fibres to give strength and form. MacNutt’s work is indeed interlacing in technique, but the word could be used as a metaphor for many elements in her creations. Her art interlaces contemporary practices with the work of the ancients; the spiritual with the aesthetic; traditional craft media with sculptural media, such as bronze; and the solidity of form with the transparency of open space.
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