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Ernest Lawson

  • Portrait of the Artist's Granddaughters

    Portrait of the Artist's Granddaughters

    Ernest Lawson. Portrait of the Artist's Granddaughters, 1927. Oil on pulpboard. 29.5 x 41.0 cm. Gift of George Mitchell, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Graham Mitchell, Ottawa, Ontario, 1998. 1998.403
  • Portrait of Walter Mitchell as a Youth

    Portrait of Walter Mitchell as a Youth

    Ernest Lawson. Portrait of Walter Mitchell as a Youth, c 1906. Oil on panel. 30.1 x 24.5 cm. Purchase, 1977. 1977.61
  • Regatta Day

    Regatta Day

    Ernest Lawson. Regatta Day, c 1894. Oil on canvas. 40.9 x 50.8 cm. Purchase, 1919. 1917.4
  • Summer Clouds

    Summer Clouds

    Ernest Lawson. Summer Clouds, 1924. Oil on pulpboard. 55.8 x 61.0 cm. Purchased with funds provided by the Government of Canada under the terms of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act, and the Art Sales and Rental Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1999. 1999.113
  • Trees and Church

    Trees and Church

    Ernest Lawson. Trees and Church, c 1915. Oil on canvas. 41.3 x 51.6 cm. Purchase, 1919. 1946.2
  • Upper New York City

    Upper New York City

    Ernest Lawson. Upper New York City, c 1900. Oil on canvas. 51.2 x 61.6 cm. Purchase, 1919. 1917.5
  • Winter - Harlem River

    Winter - Harlem River

    Ernest Lawson. Winter - Harlem River, c 1912. Oil on canvas. 63.5 x 76.5 cm. Purchase, 1919. 1917.3

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