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William Valentine Gallery

William Valentine

  • Hon. Hugh Bell

    Hon. Hugh Bell

    William Valentine. Hon. Hugh Bell, c 1830. Oil on canvas. 76.5 x 63.1 cm. Gift of an anonymous donor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2003. 2003.209
  • Mrs. Grace Langford Nordbeck

    Mrs. Grace Langford Nordbeck

    Attributed to William Valentine. Mrs. Grace Langford Nordbeck, c 1835. Oil on canvas. 49.6 x 40.1 cm. Purchase, 1980. 1980.5
  • Nancy Allison Bell

    Nancy Allison Bell

    William Valentine. Nancy Allison Bell, c 1830. Oil on canvas. 76.2 x 63.0 cm. Gift of Harold P. Connor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2001. 2001.102
  • Rev. William Black

    Rev. William Black

    William Valentine. Rev. William Black, 1827. Oil on canvas. 29.1 x 24.3 cm. Gift of the Estate of Harold P. Connor, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2004. 2004.63
  • Portrait of a Gentleman

    Portrait of a Gentleman

    William Valentine. Portrait of a Gentleman, c 1820. Oil on canvas. 42.9 x 37.2 cm. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. David Murray, Scotsburn, Nova Scotia, 1976. 1976.16

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