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Tom Forrestall

  • Landing Gear

    Landing Gear

    Tom Forrestall. Landing Gear, 2001. Watercolour and gouache over ink on paper. 50.6 x 61.2 cm. Gift of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "H" Division, Bedford, Nova Scotia, 2003. 2003.45
  • Midsummer


    Tom Forrestall. Midsummer, 1964. Acrylic on Masonite. 45.7 x 101.6 cm. Purchase, 2003. 2003.20
  • Shadow of a Bird

    Shadow of a Bird

    Tom Forrestall. Shadow of a Bird, 1974. Egg tempera on Masonite. 107.0 x 67.5 cm. Gift of Susan J. Peterson and Kenneth G. Russell, Toronto, Ontario, 2005. 2005.630
  • Wharfside, Delap's Cove

    Wharfside, Delap's Cove

    Tom Forrestall. Wharfside, Delap's Cove, 1984. Watercolour on paper. 37.0 x 54.7 cm S.E.M. Gift of Willard Strug, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2005. 2005.502
  • Island in the Ice

    Island in the Ice

    Tom Forrestall. Island in the Ice, 1987. Egg tempera on Masonite. 72.5 x 214.5 cm. Acquisition made possible with funds provided by Christopher Ondaatje, Toronto, Ontario, 1994. 1994.19

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