Acquisition Guidelines

Maud Gallery

Collecting PrioritiesWhen reviewing offered donations, the Curatorial and Acquisition Committees consider the Gallery's collecting priorities:

  • Works of art by visual artists associated substantively with Nova Scotia with consideration to representation by minority groups
  • Works by visual artists associated substantively with the Atlantic Provinces
  • Canadian art, both historical and contemporary
  • Works of art by international visual artists that extend and complement the collection

Additional GuidelinesEach committee also considers the following when making recommendations and determinations:
  • Aesthetic quality and importance
  • Relevance to the collection(s)
  • Condition (cost of restoration)
  • Price (costs of restoration and conservation are considered in addition to the purchase price of any work of art)
  • Legal title
  • Attribution (provenance and dating shall be researched and verified before approval at any level)
  • Copyright ownership (the copyright owner must agree to permit reproduction of the artwork in exhibition catalogues and promotional materials)
  • The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia will not, under normal circumstances, accept for its collections any works of art, whether by purchase or donation, to which it does not have the Exhibition Right or the full right of presentation; this right may be purchased at an equitable fee from the holder of the right at the time of the Gallery’s acquisition of the work of art
  • The Gallery shall not accept works of art that have conditions attached (with the exception of requested credit lines)

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Curator of Collections
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