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Bequest of Barbara Newman
Kadlec, 2009_52
Dusan Kadlec, Reflections, c 1980
Oil on Masonite, 51.0 x 76.2 cm
Gift of the Estate of Barbara Newman, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2009

Barbara Newman was a strong supporter of the gallery.  Over the last fifteen years she donated 32 works that are some of the treasures of our permanent collection.  From the wonderful drawings and prints by Allen Angeconeb to numerous Inuit prints and sculptures, from classic A. J. Casson and Charles Fraser Comfort paintings, to works by local artists Suezan Aikins and Tom Forrestall, Ms. Newman was a strong supporter of the Gallery with an excellent appreciation for the art she collected.  Her final gift from her Estate to the AGNS is a painting by Dusan Kadlec that depicts Lower Water St. at the Brewery Market on a rainy, autumnal day. 
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