Arboretum opens October 16, explores strength and fragility of Canadian landscape

October 12, 2010 – HALIFAX, NS – The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia presents Arboretum, a thought-provoking exhibition drawn primarily from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection and spanning roughly three centuries of artistic achievement.

On entering the Arboretum, visitors will experience drawings, watercolours, paintings, prints, and sculpture that depict trees in distinct ways. The artists behind the works include members of the original Group of Seven—Arthur Lismer and Frank Carmichael—as well as other revered talents like Tom Forrestall, Alex Livingston, Stanley Royle, and Edith Smith, to name a few.

Ripe with symbolism, mythology, religious connotations, and political controversy, the installation space reveals how artists have chosen to portray trees differently over the centuries. Whether honing in on a single specimen for analytical study, using the forest dark and deep as a metaphor for life’s mysteries, or chronicling a clear-cut swathe of land as testament to man’s abuse of nature, trees can tell a compelling visual story to which we can all relate.

Arboretum opens Saturday, October 16 at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

The exhibition will be on view until January 9, 2011.

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